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Upland Unified Schools Go SolarUpland Unified Schools Go Solar
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Upland Unified School District Purchases Six New Photovoltaic Electric Power Systems
February 01, 2005

Upland Unified School District (UUSD) is currently in the process of installing six new 10 KW solar power electric systems complete with electrical utility hookup. Each solar panel will consist of 64 pv (photovoltaic) modules capable of producing over 150 watts each at peak performance. All six systems will be metered with revenue grade metering devices in order to re-sell surplus power back to Southern California Edison during periods when solar panel output exceeds electrical demand. The cost effectiveness of this move is, in part, due to the fact that the district will be receiving on the order of $180,000 ($3.00 per watt) rebate  offered by the California Energy Commission's Emerging Renewables Rebate Program.

Gibbs Brothers Electric Company is overseeing the six new installation sites while coordinating with the general contractors and architect retained by UUSD. Communication and cooperation between all involved parties is critical in order to insure a safe and reliable working environment for the students and teachers who will be using this facility.

Gibbs Brothers Electric Company is delighted to take part in the emerging frontier of localized, sustainable, and environmentally friendly energy production and delivery.

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